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Something in the publishing industry stinks so much I had to open a window. To make such a violent statement without a single explanatory word would be ungentlemanly of me, especially considering many of those reading this editorial is an active part of the industry.

Please, let me elaborate.

Corporations took over what once was known to be the honest business, meant for hardworking men and women with a passionate love for the world of the letters. A business where creativity and honesty were at the top of the pyramid and not the other way around. A business where a book didn't need to weigh five kilograms (or approximately eleven pounds, if you are a loyal subject of one of the Commonwealth of Nations) or be part of a trilogy, tetralogy, or pentalogy to become a modest success. Literature was the only business whose core belief was that anyone, whoever it was, could strive to better humanity. It was inviting, rewarding, and welcoming to strangers, unafraid of itself, and it certainly didn't police others. It did not care about the author's background, nationality, political or religious beliefs. It was a place for creativity and knowledge.

But, things changed. Sadly. Now, the entire thing stinks.

We need not worry ourselves with examples, of course.

Who among us has not come across this month alone with at least two bestsellers that would hardly qualify as written by a chained monkey at the back of a copyshop?

What we need, instead, is for someone to draw first blood. The dragon needs to be lured out of its lair, even at the cost of the knight's life.

Thus, Free Bundle Magazine has become All Coo Reads.

Our PDF magazine will still exist, only once per year. The rest of the time, you will find us here, online, where readers are. With more than 20,000 active readers worldwide, Free Bundle Magazine became the change Fantasy & Science Fiction needed.

We are now going for more.

As you might be finding out soon enough by browsing the new Web site, our idea is to offer you what the corporate media is not, which, believe it or not, is everything they do not own stocks on.

There is a very dark, hidden reason you only see the same authors and books getting advertised through the media repeatedly, and it has nothing to do with how successful or even committed to the work these authors are. It has to do more; I am afraid to inform you, if you did not suspect it already, how many stocks in all the different media channels the conglomerate owns the publishing house or its many distributors have.

The shock might not settle in until later today, so I will leave you be for now and say no more about these terrible truths that haunt the industry. But I will say this: it is an enormous pleasure to be back here. I am grateful for the kindly way authors trusted Free Bundle Magazine, and we hope we can do the same we did from this new home.

We are just getting started. Read on to learn about what's coming.

BUENOS AIRES—We are excited to share important news regarding the evolution of our efforts in creating a digital publication and how this change will benefit you. We are delighted to announce that Free Bundle Magazine is now All Cool Reads. This name change will allow us to present ourselves as truly the most innovative and trusted source for fiction worldwide.

You should be getting the email announcement this week. Please make sure not to mark the email as Spam by mistake.

What changed:


If you are subscribed to our newsletter, you can expect our weekly updates to arrive in your inbox under the new brand, All Cool Reads. Please make sure not to send or flag these emails as Spam.

To avoid confusion, here is a sample of what these emails look like in Gmail:

The newsletter archive, although short-lived since we only began to properly archive our newsletters not long ago and there are currently only nine issues in the archive out of the one hundred and fifty-eight we sent out in the course of the Magazine’s existence, will also appear under the All Cool Reads Brand.

Digital Cards

We spoke of this many times in the past but never got to properly materialize. The Digital Cards will become a separate Web site, which is currently in the making and will be outside the orbit of the Magazine. In fact, we are working on the Web site so it becomes a progressive app you can easily add to your phone home screen without having to download anything from either the Google or the Apple app market. Being able to gift our readers with Digital Cards turned out to be such a powerful tool for the Magazine that we decided to expand its scope to the rest of our present and future product line.

The details for how the new Digital Cards will work will be sent later this year, so make sure to subscribe to the newsletter if you haven’t already.

Free Bundle Originals (Podcasts)

As with the Newsletter archival page, we did not begin to produce podcasts until very recently. The current podcasts episodes will maintain the Free Bundle Magazine legacy brand, but new productions will carry the All Cool Reads name and logo. You can expect to hear more about our podcasts later this year.

Verne Club

The official timeline for Verne Club will now be moved to its own page under All Cool Reads. The design of the previous timeline was reported as being hard to follow by some players, so we noticed your concerns by re-designing the new timeline in a more streamlined way, which we will be presenting later this month.

PDF Magazine

The old Magazine issues will remain hosted under Internet Archive for legacy reasons. The new Magazine, which will be released as a special issue only once per year, will also appear hosted on the Internet Archive, but its format will not be PDF. We are looking into publishing it as an epub since it is faster to produce, besides being one of the changes our readers have suggested to us in the past. More details about our plans for the Magazine can be found here.

I would like to thank everybody who contributed to Free Bundle Magazine with articles, essays, interviews, and short stories. Your contributions made it possible, and it has been a true privilege to meet some of you and some of our valuable readers through the years.

This rebrand also means we have a unique chance to make things better, not just for the authors but for our readers and everyone who loves fiction. All Cool Reads will allow us to publish not only short stories but report live during breakthrough industry events and present our readers with new content, such as poems, essays, opinion pieces, and articles.

We are also moving away from being a Fantasy &Science Fiction Magazine and transfiguring into a full-blown media outlet that aspires to be your place of reference to learn about the fiction Big Media doesn’t want you to read.

Thank you for all the years, and we hope you come along with us on this new phase of our Magazine.

Javier Cabrera


Twitter: @javiercabrerahq

Author, novelist, short story writer, essayist and, on occasions, editor for one of the last bastions of the Fantasy & Sci-Fi genre, All Coo Reads (ex Free Bundle Magazine).