How to Submit an Essay, Opinion Piece, Poem, or Short Story to All Cool Reads

Our submissions guidelines are simple: we don't care about your past publishing history or about awards; if this is your first story, so be it. We want to read your stories.

Anyone can write for All Cool Reads. Journalists, literary experts, fiction writers, readers--anyone with a love for fiction. Our Web site and annual PDF magazine, features essays, commentaries and articles by self-publish authors from around the globe, interviews to established industry professionals, and selected pieces by our favorite staff writers.

Anyone can write fiction.

We believe stories make authors, not the other way around. Some of the best fiction writers the world has come to know came from outside the writing circles. That is why we can’t wait to read your stories.

Edgar Rice Burroughs

He worked at a pencil sharpener wholesaler when he wrote and sent his first short story, Under the Moons of Mars. Disney made a film based on one of his characters in 2012. Among the incredible amount of characters he created during his life, are John Carter, and Tarzan of the Apes.

Edgar Rice Burroughs works continue to be published to this day.

Ray Bradbury

Sold newspapers on a street corner until he sold his first short story "Hollerbochen's Dilemma" to the pulps. His novel "Farenheit 451" continues to be read by millions worldwide. He also wrote the screenplay for Moby Dick (Warner Bros, directed by John Huston)

Ray Bradbury never went to college. An impact crater on the moon was named Dandelion Crater after the author's classic novel by NASA.

The first time is the best one.

We know you don’t have twenty short stories published in every Sci-Fi Magazine on the market. Maybe you haven’t even been published yet. That’s fine too, we don’t care. If this is your first time publishing, so be it.

We want to read your stories.

Leigh Brackett

She worked as swimming instructor at Muscle Beach, California, to pay her bills. Her first short story, "Martian Quest", was published by Astounding Science Magazine. Later in life, Brackett worked on the early screenplay for The Empire Strikes Back, by George Lucas.

Some of the books Leigh Brackett wrote are selling for thousands at auctions.

Lester Dent

Worked as a telegrapher. His first professional sale was an action-adventure story entitled "Pirate Cay" for the Top Notch Magazine. His character, Doc Savage, has become one of the most iconic fiction characters to date.

The character Doc Savage was the starter point for DC comics' Superman, and even made it to Hollywood.

No “Hugo” or “Nebula”? No problem.

We know you don’t have a shelf filled with literary awards and to be honest, we don’t care. There are too many award-winning authors being published already. Good for them.
Now we want to read your stories.

H. P. Lovecraft

Despite never finding any stable work, Lovecraft became one of the greatest writers of the weird fiction genre. To this date, entire generations of film makers, writers and video game creators are continuously being inspired by his short stories.

Each year, events, conventions, and film festivals worldwide celebrate the literary genre Lovecraft came up with, the "Cosmic Horror."

Robert E. Howard

He worked at a newspaper, a post office and as a stenographer for an oil company when he became published by the pulp magazines. His short fiction became immortalized in comics and by the Conan films, starring the ex-governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Robert E. Howard's characters have been brought to the big and small screen as films and cartoons (besides comics)

Not in the U.S? Who Cares!

If you have a great short story, if you wrote it with passion and you trust your own writing enough to send it around, that’s enough for us. We have a global audience, we expect global submissions.

Philip K. Dick

Struggled with low income all his life, he started as a short story writer. Time magazine listed his novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" as one of the All-TIME 100 Greatest Novels since 1923. The film based on his novel, Blade Runner, was an international success spawning hundreds of comics books and an entire new genre.

Philip K Dick wrote 44 novels and about 121 short stories during his lifetime.

Johnston McCulley

Worked as a police reporter and served as an Army public affairs officer. He sent his short story to the pulp magazines, giving birth to the character "El Zorro".

Zorro, one of his most beloved characters, was immortalized by Guy Williams under Walt Disney Productions.

Need readers? We have 20,000 of them.

Even Hemingway published for the first time once, every writer does. We believe in giving people a chance. That short story you wrote? It may very well be the first step of your writing career. We want to read your stories.

Who will be next?

They all did it, so can you. It takes years of hard work to become a popular writer. If you succeed many of your short stories will be published over and over in different magazines, anthologies, and even radio or television shows. But it all starts with your stories getting read and getting published. Otherwise, nobody will ever know about them. Let people get to know you.

We want to read your stories.

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Fiction Guidelines

Word Limit:
1,000-4,000 words, no exceptions (longer stories are considered, just don't go crazy with a 22,000 words manuscript).

Pay Rate:
Currently, we are operating under a link-exchange system: the author’s website and link are featured on the story, along with a brief bio and any relevant information the author provided us, such as a link to a book or social media profile.

Besides being published by All Cool Reads, authors are eligible to be featured in our monthly newsletters (+20,000 readers worldwide). Stories may also be featured in our podcast.

Science fiction, fantasy, horror and poetry.

English only.

You retain all rights to the story. We accept simultaneous submissions. We do not consider work that has appeared elsewhere. This includes websites and personal blogs, even if a posting has been removed prior to submission.

What we are NOT looking for:

  • romance / erotica stories.
  • stories involving current political affairs.
  • fan fiction (this includes stories about RPG characters).
  • stories originally intended for someone’s upcoming theme anthology.
  • stories with characters from your current or upcoming book.

Submissions Process

We ask that you include a cover letter with your submission, but there is no need to make your cover letter formal. You are writing to fellow writers! A simply short brief should do (we judge by the quality of the story, not by the word count of a cover letter)

All stories should be in standard manuscript format and can be submitted in either .RTF or .DOCX format. We do not accept simultaneous submissions.

Our average response time is usually under 7 days, but we occasionally hold submissions for longer periods. We ask that you:

  • don’t send queries about pending submissions until after at least one week have passed. If you must, email your queries to the editorial staff here.
  • don’t re-submit stories that have been rejected.

If you are uncertain about anything above, we recommend following the most conservative interpretation.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to All Cool Reads. We look forward to reading your submission.